Teacher Testimonials

“Being honored by a student and their family with a “Teacher Tribute” from the OCEF put a stamp of approval on my teaching style…a smile on my teaching face…a twinkle in my teaching eye and filled my teaching heart and soul with inspiration!!!   THANK YOU!”
Karen Heist (Third Grade)

“I love my document camera…the students are able to show their work on the board and explain what methods they used to solve the problems…it is a great addition to my classroom…thank you for this great resource for my classroom!”
Mikenzie Helphenstine (Sixth Grade Math)

I received a mini grant to implement the game of Scrabble in my classroom.  I use Scrabble as a positive reinforcement tool when all weekly classroom academic goals have been met.  I asked the students how they feel about Scrabble and here are a few of their quotes:
“Scrabble is an excellent and educational way to spell words in a fun game.”
“I like Scrabble because it helps with spelling.  It’s also a really fun way to learn at school.”
“Scrabble makes me smile when I think of a new word and find different places to put it.”
“I think that Scrabble is a fun-educational game that helps us with spelling and learning new words.”
“Scrabble clears my mind.”
It was a real honor to receive the mini grant.

Chris Nunan
(Fourth Grade Social Studies/Language Arts)