2013 Grant Awards


Ocean City High School

  • Barbara Daniel, Social Studies: For sophomore class field trips to the Ocean City Historical Museum
  • Alyssa Preis and Dr. Christine Lentz, Physical Education: For a dance floor for the new School Choice dance fitness program
  • Thomas Frederick, Special Education: For portable exercise equipment for life skills students
  • Nicole McMaster, Special Education: For field trips to museums for the life skills students

Ocean City Intermediate School

  • Mikenzie Helphenstine, Matthew Lane, Renee Bendig and Jesse Parker, Athletic, Health and Physical Education: For two new scoreboards in the school gymnasium
  • Christine Franckle, Language Arts: For a document camera
  • Lindsay Morris, Mathematics: For a document camera

Ocean City Primary School

  • Kathleen Woodring, Special Education: For six Boogie Board LCD Paperless Writing Tablets
  • Jennifer Eget and Mary Beth Libro, First Grade: For laptop computers
  • Janet Romano, Music: For musical instruments
  • Edward Hirsch, Third Grade: For a document camera