2011 Grant Awards

High School

Awarded $2,697.00 for one Audience Response System
Dr. Aaron Wohlrab &
Mr. Robert Citta
Science Department

Awarded $130.00 for cork board show cases
Ms. Rubina Dombrosky
Art Department

Awarded $1,450.00 for bus transportation to the National Museum of Crime and Punishment in Washington, DC
Ms. Jennifer Bowen
Science Department

Awarded $3,212.99 for a MOBI system
Ms. Mary Fleming
Social Studies Department

Awarded $900.00 for dance instructions for High School students by community professionals
Ms. Kathleen Byrne-Musick
Health & P.E. Department

Awarded $308.98 for a World Language photo book and digital camera
Ms. Sharon Elco &
Ms. Georgina DiLorenzo
World Language Department

Intermediate School

Awarded $580.99 for a digital document camera
Ms. Michelle Tornblom
7th Grade Social Studies

Awarded $580.99 for a digital document camera
Ms. Megan Duffey
6th Grade Language Arts

Awarded $1,143.00 for a REDCAT all in one system with REDMIKE x2 amplification system
Ms. Christie Pontari
Grades 4-8 Spanish

Primary School

Awarded $194.96 for a turtle habitat
Ms. Maureen Gordon
Science Teacher

Awarded $1,161.98 for two digital document cameras
Ms. Jennifer Eget
Ms. Mary Beth Libro
Ms. Jennifer DeVlieger
Ms. Mary Francis Riley
First Grade Team

Awarded $580.99 for a digital document camera
Ms. Kathleen Woodring &
Ms. Carol Gorny
2nd and 3rd Grade RTI Students